Do you have a kitchen or bathroom renovation in your future? Whether you’re considering an in vogue Hamptons style kitchen or a more timeless theme, traditional subway tiles would already be on your radar. Simple subway tiles have certainly gone through somewhat of a renaissance over the last few years. There are a variety of sizes and shapes available giving endless options in tile creativity. Although, we are sure the residents of Long Island would chime in with they’ve been in vogue since the 1920’s.

The term Subway tiles collectively refers to the wide variety of tiles featured in the New York City subway system. This prominence in NYC is why the style has embedded its roots into the current trend for Hampton or shaker style kitchens and bathrooms.

The subway system features a wide variety of subway tiles from penny, squares to rectangles, but the most common when people look for subway tiles they are on the hunt for small rectangles. The traditional eye-catching size you see so often is a 3×6 inch or 75x150mm rectangle grouted with either grey or black.

The traditional size is a little harder to find in Australia, with the more common 200x100mm size readily available and cheap to find giving a similar visual result. However, if you’re looking to pay homage to the style and stay true to the design, it’s worth hunting out traditional 3×6 inch subway tiles.

No other tile option offers more choice by way of design. From stack bond to herringbone, the options are endless and offer the ability to express your individuality in your design to set your kitchen or bathroom renovation apart from the crowd.

Subway tiles gallery

Take a look at the following example of subway tile, 8 different ways to get your design juices flowing.