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With only a month or two of real winter on offer in Queensland, a home’s outdoor space is utilised almost all year round. And a well designed and considered outdoor room is a space that can really take your home and entertaining reputation to a whole new level. Even small homes on small blocks can incorporate fantastic outdoor spaces effectively doubling the living space. An outdoor room is defined as the space situated between in home and garden

An outdoor room is defined as the space situated between in home and garden such as a balcony, patio, deck or paved area.

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Set out the space and use

How do you intend to use the space? Will this be an extension of your entertaining area, a kids play space or an outdoor lounge room? Or perhaps all of the above. Defining the space early on will give you a plan for moving forward with design and requirements and it may mean adding structural elements walls, screens, plants or stone features. Large furniture pieces such as lounges or dining tables can also act and dividers for intended usage.Don’t forget the overhead space either. The over headspace can elongate or add scale or enclosed it can add a sense of intimacy.

Don’t forget to consider your overhead space either. Ceiling treatments, pendant lights hanging plants can all change the feel of the space and add a sense of intimacy or interest.

Consider your finish and existing features

When extending the inside out consider surface treatments such as pavers and tiles and be sympathetic to your current design choices. Matching external paving to interior tiles is a great way to create a seamless flow, couple that with retractable bi-fold doors and you won’t know where the outside starts and inside stops.

Consider the aspect of the space including the views and other natural features. How will it be during a 40 degree summers day as well as a cool winters evening. Do you want your outdoor room to capture a summer’s breeze off the bay or protect you from the winter blustery rain. Considerations such as these may influence where fixed inclusions such as screening, plants and walls may be positioned. You don’t want those nosey neighbours watching you enjoy a shiraz on the deck now do you?

Talk to the professionals

If your outdoor room creation is not just a simple trip down to your local outdoor furniture store, its best to speak to some pro’s. Landscape designers, builders and interior designers can all help you piece together an amazing outdoor space. The money you spend on asking for professional advice will be a saving in the long run. Spending thousands on the wrong plants only to watch them die is money down the drain.

Current outdoor design trends include clusters of pots with striking feature plants to separate areas, water features, stone feature walls, fire pits and outdoor day beds. A number of home decor stores, landscape supplies shops and nurseries offer in-home design services to give you professional advice without the commitment.

Plant up

Plants are an important consideration for any outdoor space, whether you need succulents for small feature pots or mass screening plants for your boundary garden. Succulents are always a popular choice for the water-conscious or time-poor. They are hardy and thrive on neglect. For feature pot planting there are a variety of options that will love a balcony garden, use a variety of plant types and pots shapes to create eye-catching features.

A popular choice for a small space is to go vertical. There are a variety of products available to facilitate vertical gardening on the market, from plastic pots to high-end irrigated fabric systems. A great choice is utilising a vertical garden for a screen or divider in your outdoor space.

Decoration is key

The finishing touches will bring your indoors and outdoors together. Soft furnishings, artworks, designer lighting, water features help blur the lines. This is by far the simplest way to stay up with the current trends and allows you to switch it up quickly and easily.

Check out the outdoor room gallery below for more great inspiration or head to our Pinterest feed to see it all.

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