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Stay cool in the backyard this summer

Shade Matters Smarten up your balcony, deck, garden or courtyard with some shade. In the sun it can be well over 40 degrees Celsius on...

Lawn Grub Detection and Control

So you have spent weeks preparing and caring for your lawn, and it is paying off! It has finally become beautifully lush and green, and is like a carpet! A little brown patch appears… you think maybe it just needs a bit of water, or maybe a little bit of fertiliser burn has occurred. No panic, put the sprinkler out for 20 minutes or so and she’ll be right!

Turf Maintenance through the Summer Months

As the temperature heats up, we usually jump in the pool to cool off, or turn on the a/c to chill out! Unfortunately, we can’t do the same for our lawns! A long, hot and dry summer is your lawns worst enemy, so it is extremely important to both prepare and maintain your lawn consistently through the summer months

5 Tips to Create a Water Efficient Backyard

Creating a water efficient backyard does not need to be a costly measure, with so many quick and easy ideas available. Reducing your water consumption is not only good for the environment, but can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars in household bills. For some great tips on how to create a water-wise backyard, check out our helpful hints below.

Decorative pebbles – 3 great uses in the garden

More and more regularly homeowners and landscapers are using Decorative Pebbles and Gravels as a ground cover in garden beds as mulch, pathways, driveways and...

7 Garden Jobs You Could Knock Over in a Weekend

Weekends are precious for the avid DIY enthusiast and there is nothing worse than approaching stumps at 5PM Sunday with plenty of garden project still to...
cypress rotundas, nutgrass

Nutgrass: A tough little nut to crack!

Cyperus rotundas better known as nutgrass is a bother for avid gardeners all over the globe. In the USA, you might hear of purple...