Be Socially Inspired


Media is certainly changing. Slowly but surely consumers are moving away from traditional print media outlets such as newspapers and glossy magazines and opting to get their information from the bevy of digital media outlets popping up every day. Content is now delivered differently, through social channels and we find ourselves reading what the internet or more specifically, facebook deems important to our lives. With he glut of content instantly available night and day there is a silver lining! The voyeuristic hobby of house and design stalking is now oh so easy.

With a broad range of social content sharing sites such as Pinterest, houzz, Instagram and Facebook, it’s like having thousands of design ideas at the tip of your fingers.

Not sure where to start? Why not search popular terms like “Home design”, “deck”, “architecture” or “kitchen renovation” to get started. You’ll soon find yourself clicking away through designs and ideas from people and places you may never even heard of.

Searching your local area, for example “Brisbane Homes” or “Graceville Homes” is a great way to review the style that’s popular in your area and suited your local terrain. You can also learn about the architecture style of your particular suburb.

If you’re interested in sustainable design, why not combine some terms, for example “sustainable deck”. You’ll find many ideas on how to make that door / deck / extension out of materials you may never have even considered, or old materials that could be repurposed.

Collecting ideas of what you like (and even what you don’t like) is a great starting point for your first meeting with a architect, draftsperson or interior designer. It will also guide you in decisions when visiting a show rooms and design centres. All the best trade stores such as Reece Plumbing have fantastic lifestyle display centres located all around Australia and armed with a design idea, these places can be a fantastic source of inspiration.