One of the most expensive rooms in the home per square metre to remodel is always the bathroom, so it pays to get the design spot on. While the best designs come from when you have a keen sense of your own personal design style, there are a number of simple principles that will help to create fantastic interior spaces. Check out these five rules for amazing bathroom design.

Use the right materials

Humidity and moisture is a big problem in wet rooms such as bathrooms, and it will be sure to get steamy, so it’s important you make correct material choices suitable for the space. Everything right down to the ceiling paint needs to be considered (semi-gloss works best). Installing the correct materials will ensure longevity, there’s nothing worse than water-logged timber or moulder plasterboard.

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Don’t follow the trends

We’re all still waiting for those avocado bathroom suites to come back in vogue. Don’t hold your breath! Bathrooms are hard and expensive to renovate so when it comes to colours, fixtures and materials, go for classic and neutral to ensure you won’t hate it in years to come. White subway tiles, white walls and chrome fittings will all stand the test of time.

small space design

Manage expectations

Is there really enough room for a double vanity, claw foot tub and spa-sized walk in shower? If not, work with the space you have. Consider some space saving ideas like in-wall cistern toilets and wall hung vanities. If you still have your heart set on a his-and-hers shower, consider using a smaller vanity and frameless shower screens. By dropping the door on your screen, you can eliminate wasted door swing space.

bathroom with natural light

Let there be light

A bathroom is used at all times throughout the day and night, so the lighting needs to be functional. Go for overhead or downlights, or a skylight. Ensure there is adequate work space lighting over the vanity and if privacy isn’t a concern, consider a window or louvres to bring in some natural light.

built in bath

Fixed fits best

Although freestanding vanities and bathtubs look fantastic, they’re a nightmare to keep clean. Using flush fixed items such as built-in bathtubs, custom fit vanities, toilets and sinks will look better in the long run, be easier to clean and stand the test of time and style.