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Amazing Home Entrance. Source: Pinterest

Welcome in the warmth

Your entrance is the first part of your home guests see, and the it’s what greets you every evening arriving home from a long day at the office. Reinvigorate your entrance way design by painting the front door a fresh colour be it a vibrant hue or a soft neutral.

Add effective lighting such as an antique style wall sconce or a more modern up/down barrel option. The entrance way is a great place to incorporate some vegetation. Whether you have a close by garden bed or you utilise potted plants to soften the hard stand surface.

Consider using decorative street numbers, house names and even a stylish door knocker to give your front entrance way instant personality. If you have a small foyer or entrance hall, paint in neutral tones and incorporate softer lamp lighting to give a level of sophistication and cosiness. Just what you want after a hard days work. Your entrance way should be a snapshot of your home’s interior design style packaged into one small space.

designer hallwayPersonlise your hallway

Hallways are often neglected thoroughfares linking your living spaces and can often feel cold and empty. A necessary space that’s left to function rather than form.

A simple addition such as a runner on the floor will immediately add a warm, welcoming feel. Even in a confined area, layering can be effective; interesting wall treatments such as a fabulous patterned wallpaper and key pieces of furniture such as a luxurious, slim console table that fits the space perfectly will do wonders.

Large spans of blank white walls can become your very own art gallery. No need for a Van Gogh or Monet, well-framed prints of any type can be added to give visual interest and make a feature of an otherwise bland space. Hang in clusters to give it the real gallery vibe and for real authenticity, interchange your artwork occasionally to mix it up.

Designer Bedroom with Style. Source: Pinterest
Designer Bedroom with Style. Source: Pinterest

Refresh your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place for rest and relaxation, so give it plenty of love. New linen sheets in calming colours such as grey, duck-egg blue or celadon green are a perfect way to lift a tired bedroom. Add texture with a woollen or cashmere throw for the cooler evenings and introduce pops of bright colour with cushions.

Soft lighting cast from beside lamps will dress the scene. To keep the bedside uncluttered, introduce bedside tables with storage in the form of drawers or doors. If you don’t have storage currently, consider adding a stylish desk tray to hold personal items such as glasses and phones.

Lastly, introduce some foliage. Plants in the home help purify the air and can certainly add style to any space. Be it a small succulent on the desk or bedside table, or a larger Fiddle Leaf Fig potted in a bright corner. Trendy plants are in vogue will complete the space.